Beware of Slip and Fall Accidents

man slipping and falling

Everybody who walks through any building is susceptible to slip and fall accidents. There are many repercussions for such mishaps which may include disability, serious or minor injuries or at the worst, death. It is, therefore, vital that you know how to avoid such incidents and what to do when they happen to you.

These incidents occur due to some reasons. There are always two people responsible for these incidents- the owner of the premises and the victim who fell. Negligence on the part of the owner of the premise might cause injuries; this can be regarding the wrong flooring materials, for example, smooth tiles and loose carpets.

In cases where premises have such material, the owner must either renovate the floors to remedy the situation or warn people of the potential dangers that might be caused by these floors. This can be done by using sign posts which warn users of the premise to be careful. If measures are taken, then the premises owner is not liable for injuries that occur within or outside the premises.

In cases where negligence was the cause of the fall, one might decide to sue the property owner for damages, especially if the injury caused by the fall has impacted seriously on one’s life. If the victim decides to sue, it is important to acquire an incident report from the premises where the incident occurred. This way, one can write one’s views on what happened and what one thinks caused the mishap. If there are people who have witnessed this incident, it is necessary to ask for their opinions and ensure that you have their contacts to prove your case when need be.

Staircases have contributed too to injuries, and it is the responsibility of the premise owner to repair any damage, however, small on the staircases. It is also recommended that the flooring materials used on staircases should not be slippery so as to reduce incidents. The railings should also be in good conditions.

Poor lighting can also lead to accidents as the users of the premise cannot see well, and this makes them vulnerable. Hospitals, in particular, should have proper lighting in all rooms as patients who are under medication are susceptible to falls. It is also important for other premise owners to ensure there is proper lighting at all times to avoid any incidences.

While on the outside, all the open holes must be closed to avoid anybody tripping and falling over. It is vital also to ensure that if there is wet grass or floor, warning signs are placed in strategic areas to make users aware of the condition. In cases where the building is under construction or any renovation, all users must be warned about such activities so as to avoid any occurrences. Premise owners are strongly advised to take insurance covers for their workers and buildings so as to protect everyone who uses the building.

On the part of fall victims, there is the need to exercise caution so as to avoid slip and fall accidents not to get a Slip and Fall Lawyer. Look out for the symbols that warn you of any potential danger and be careful. When under intoxication of any kind it is vital that you be more careful and if possible avoid any location that makes you susceptible to falls.